30 April 2011

Lovely Day

Thank you Maroon 5 for my jam of the day!!!


27 April 2011

Nothing like hanging with MY BOY

I love being able to spend so much quality time with my bebe. I am so very very thankful that I get to be here for all these sweet moments and  his milestones. He is definitely a mamas boy, and I love it. Today we decided to go for a little stroll and we stopped by the park, to crawl around for a little while. I can't believe my little man was already flirting. He crawled all over the playground for this one little girl. She was so sweet and so cute with him. Nothing like getting some beautiful shots to remember this beautiful day!

Flirting in session

Lonely Road

Our lovely flag

Hanging out under the jungle gym. The sky was so gorgeous & blue!

26 April 2011

Louisiana State Flower

The Magnolia tree always takes me back to when I was a young girl well, young tomboy. I would crawl to the top of my Mamaw's Magnolia tree and hang out. They are such a beautiful flower and the trees offer plenty of shade for our HOT summers!

25 April 2011

A Walk through the Rose Garden

Today me, my bebe, and my awesome dad went driving around to find some pretty locations in the area. We researched and found out about the Rose Garden in Shreveport. I took some great shots of beautiful flowers. I will definitely be going back over the summer, in hopes that more have bloomed. It was so relaxing to get out of the house and soak in some of natures' beauty.

Lovely Sunday

She stood out in the crowd

Our first Easter as a family.

23 April 2011

Fun at the Lake

We had a nice afternoon visiting with my awesome daddy. He made us some steaks on the grill, then we relaxed by the water for a little bit. Such a beautiful day for some time on the lake. Summer is on it's way!

My beautiful bebe's 1st Easter

I had such a wonderful day today. I got to go out and take some great photos of my handsome little man in his very first Easter outfit. He looked absolutely adorable!!! Me and his Daddy are so proud of him.

I love him SO deeply, he makes my heart swell!