03 June 2011

My Beautiful Birthday Boy

WOW, how much this little guy has changed my life is unbelievable. He has shown me a new love I never knew existed. There is so much I want from life & people in the world, because of my son. I can see into Mothers hearts now, I know how those tears & small tumbles can make your heart feel like it's shattered. The tasks my son has learned within a year; he applauds himself for throwing a ball, saying Mama & DaDa, walking, and saying "ahhhhh" when he has a sip of sprite, all of these are such wonderful accomplishments when you become a mother. I always catch myself looking at him in amazement, knowing he is my son makes my heart so happy.  I'm so thankful God blessed me with such a beautiful, healthy son that I get to watch grown & learn new things daily. What a wonderful, rewarding year thats been covered in LOVE. I look forward to the many years & life experiences i'll get to share with my son.   Mama Bear & her cub!!!

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