08 May 2011

Senior Olympics Martial Arts 2011

This past weekend I was invited back for more Martial Arts performing, for the Senior Olympics category. Dr. Bill Pogue introduced the Martial Arts category to the Senior Olympics and held the first Senior Olympics Martial Arts competition at his R.E.A.L Self Defense school in dowtown Shreveport, La.. Many individuals have joined the growing group of seniors to test their skills in the various styles of Martial Arts. Many schools are credited for the growth of these individuals skills; Kennedy Karate USA, Karate Kicks, Lee's Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center, & R.E.A.L Self Defense. Martial Arts is an amazing sport to put your mind & body into. I give props to all of the competitors involved, Great Job!

One of the competitors lovely wives

Chad Garland  Rank-Brown  Style-Isshinryu

Ronnie Brasher  Rank-7th Dan  Style-Isshinryu

Antique fighting gear

Dr. Bill Pogue

Group of competitors

Thomas Detrie   Rank-Intermediate  Style-Wu Style Tai Chi

James Lu  

Trudy Carr   Rank-Purple   Style-Kung Fu

Dr. Bill Pogue, owner of R.E.A.L Self Defense

Curt Smith   Rank-Purple   Style-Kung Fu

Kevin Troquille  Rank-Ni Dan   Style-Shorin Ryu

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