09 November 2011

My Daddy's Happy Place


The greatest Daddy, Papaw, Friend, Counselor ever!  My Daddy is such a wonderful man. I am so thankful for the love he shows my family & the daily visits we share. Never in a million years would I  of thought my Daddy would be one of my best friends, but this is true. Sometimes all it takes is a good conversation with my Daddy to turn a bad day into a good one. Now that I am a mother and see how much love you can have for your child, it makes me have an even greater respect for my parents. A day never passes that I don't thank the Lord for the relationship that I have with my Daddy, it's one in a million. He is one in a million.  

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Norma Sawyer said...

I'm so glad you and Mark finally have a wonderful relationship. I know he was held back for a long time!! But he loves you girls more than you know! Love you,